What is oxygen treatment?

In the oxygen dermo-infusion treatments pure oxygen is applied on the skin and into subcutaneous tissue.  Pure oxygen thus applied on the skin reaches the hypodermis, quickens cell metabolism, boosts microcirculation, strengthens and makes connective tissue stronger and deeply refreshes and regenerates the skin.  It gives particularly great results in treating acnes as it destroys bacteria whose life is possible only in the areas without oxygen. Treatments are completely safe and don’t cause any unwanted reactions or consequences.  

Here in Jupiter Beauty Medical centre we use Oxy Pro Age for oxygen dermo-infusion produced by the Italian manufacturer   AMI Advanced Medical Instruments who takes oxygen from the atmosphere and separates it from other gases by using special filters.

In our centre we mostly combine oxygen treatments with special nanotechnology-based cosmetics designed especially to reach cells together with oxygen and thus affect various issues   depending on its ingredients.


What problems does it tackle?

 - loose skin, wrinkled skin (skin anti-aging)

- problem, oily skin prone to acnes

- skin prone to redness, cuperosis, rosacea, sensitive and cracked skin

- dry, non-oily, dehydrated skin

- skin with blemishes and hyper pigmentation problems  

- localized fat and cellulite in body care


What’s the procedure?

Firstly the face is cleansed with cleansing milk and then enzyme peeling is applied that cleanses the skin deeply and removes dead cells. Then the treatment with AMI device follows: it uses nanotechnology-based serum and the whole cosmetic line contains products for different skin types (older, sensitive, dehydrated, oily and problem skin with acnes, skin with hyper pigmentation) –  nanoparticles of its active ingredients transferred by oxygen penetrate deeply into the skin and produce a fast and profound effect.   

During the first 10 minutes of this treatment serum is also brought into the skin together with oxygen and afterwards pure oxygen is blown in the skin for serum to absorb completely. Oxygen also encourages microcirculation and deeply refreshes and regenerates the skin.

After the oxygen treatment, if Anti-age treatment is chosen, Age repair AMI mask is put on the face that has an anti oxidant effect, rejuvenates the skin, makes it elastic, boosts cells to regenerate and stimulates surface microcirculation and also acts upon reduction of wrinkles and lines.  

The last stage of the Anti-age treatment is applying the Age repair cream that has a high concentration of active ingredients among which there are plant stem cells that enhance cells to regenerate and make skin stronger.  Matricaria maritime lessens wrinkles and lines and stabilized C vitamin prevents and reduces skin hyper pigmentation.  


On which body parts it is applied?

Oxygen treatments can be applied on the whole body – face, neck, neckline, breasts, waist, legs.....everywhere where there’s a problem that can be treated. These treatments are perfect for skin regeneration after exposing the skin to the sun in summer.


For whom is this treatment most advisable?

Treatments with pure oxygen infusion are recommended to everybody, regardless of age, problems on the face or sex as there are no unwanted consequences whatsoever irrespective of skin type.


How often should it be repeated and how many treatments are required on average?

First results and progress are visible right after the first treatment but this also depends on the person’s very physiology, skin type and problem issues so that 6- 10 treatments are needed to produce the desired effect.


When was this method invented and since when has it been in use in Croatia?

The oxygen treatment method came into use more often in the second half of the last century; however in beauty treatments oxygen has been used only for several years. Since this year oxygen dermo-infusion treatments are also available in Croatia.  


Who are the most frequent clients?

The most frequent clients are women between 30 and 60 with different skin problems, but also teenagers with acne problems. Men are also our clients more and more often.


Why is this method better than others that tackle these or similar problems?  

This method is completely non-invasive and can be applied to absolutely all skin types regardless of a problem a client has. There are no contraindications. This is particularly worth mentioning in body treatments (e.g. women suffering from varicose veins can’t undergo almost any treatment for losing weight or removing cellulite).  


Do oxygen treatments go well together with MedContour and Face-Up treatments you offer?

These treatments are completely well-matched. This means that after an MC treatment oxygen dermo-infusion produces an even more profound and complete effect, boosts circulation, fastens metabolism, tightens the skin and improves elimination of toxins and fat. Areas that are more strongly affected by broken capillaries are treated with oxygen more powerfully without any side effects. 

The same applies to varicose veins.

Face up treatments are particularly well coupled with oxygen dermo-infusion either during the same treatment or as a package of interchangeable treatments.  A face with acnes in the active inflammatory stage or a face with exceptionally broken capillaries should be by all means firstly treated with OxyProAge.