Why would you choose Face Up?


With a Face-Up treatment you’ll have a completely different experience. Here are just some of its most special features: Face Up, the only one in the world, thanks to its patented technology pairs effects of both abrasion and micro-massage.  Face Up has a special (patented) micro-pulsing rotating hand piece that at the same time provides the skin with abrasion and massage. Orbital movements of the abrasion head remove all imperfections and blemishes at every angle leaving the skin clean and smooth. At the same time micro-pulses massage the skin, form and tone facial muscles, boost circulation and make a Face Up treatment practically a relaxing one. 

Sine Face Up uses disposable heads that provide abrasion there’s no risk of spreading infection from one client to another and therefore Face Up treatment ensures greatest safety. Face Up device has a choice of 5 abrasion heads of different sizes so that a tailor-made treatment adjusted to your specific problem and skin type is assured.

All of the mentioned features allow us to meet all criteria of a modern and challenging client. FaceUp treatment offers you a pleasant treatment at the highest safety level, tailor-made to your wishes and needs all of which with proven beauty results from the world market.

There’s no bleeding during the Face Up treatment.

After the Face Up treatment you can go back to your daily routine without downtime. One of its hugest advantages is that it can be done during the lunch break – it’s also called a “lunch break treatment”. Face Up is adequate for every skin type and both men and women: its results are visible after only one treatment. So, if you want to get rid of small wrinkles, sun spots, acne scars, to level up the skin colour or just to refresh your face, we present you the Face Up treatment, the most pleasant, quickest and safest way to rejuvenate – in the region of Rijeka, Istria and Primorje we’re the only one who have it.

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